Book Review: Introverted Mom

As introverted moms, we spend much of our time meeting the needs of others. Because we’re internal rather than external processors, it makes perfect sense that we need quiet with our inner selves to process and sort through our day, in order to gear up for the next one.

Introverted Mom, Jamie C. Martin

DISCLAIMER: I’m pretty sure that I am the exact right audience for this book. I admire and love the works of 3/4 of the authors Jamie C. Martin uses as examples (and love reading and literature, which is a major element in this book). I’m not only an introverted mom, but I’m a Christian mom, too. These commonalities may lend a slight bias to my review process.

Book Background

Introverted Mom is a nonfiction book written by Jamie C. Martin. It was published in May of this year. Martin has written several books prior to this one (none of which have I read, though I’m quite eager to check out Give Your Child the World: Raising Globally Minded Kids One Book at a Time), all in the vein of motherhood and parenting.

This book describes what Martin has learned about motherhood as an introvert; this includes multiple facets of her life as an introverted mother, from the frustrations and joys to some simple advice for managing the chaos. Martin, to me, reads as an incredibly credible source on this topic, as she provides many, many anecdotes from her own life. To add dimension to the book, she provides a few authors as examples of introverted womanhood: Laura Ingalls Wilder, Lucy Maud Montgomery, Jane Austen, and Louisa May Alcott. I personally loved this addition– it provided a bit of a break from the self-help angle (which I don’t normally care for) by giving us a historical perspective on introversion. As a reader, you’re able to see what this looked like for women throughout history. I loved that. It’s good to know that there’s a place in history for the quiet.

Teeny Tiny Content Caution

It’s also important to understand that this is written from a Christian perspective. If you are not someone who practices the Christian faith, I do still believe it would benefit you, but there are many sections you might just skip through. Personally, I found this aspect refreshing; many personality books/blog posts/podcasts I read/listen to take a secular view, discussing “energy” and “vibes” and while there’s not necessarily anything specifically wrong with that verbiage, to me all those words basically just mean the Spirit of Christ working in and around you. Furthermore, I’m reading this book because I want to understand myself better and know how I can be a better mom, wife, and human; my identity as a Christian requires that I think about that within the realms of my life in Christ. Living biblically is so essential to my existence, that books combining that with my personality is helpful and empowering.

When we understand ourselves as introverted women, we can respect and value how God made us, and we can push beyond our natural boundaries when he calls. We don’t want to use our personality as an excuse to avoid hard things or as a license for selfishness. We want to honor ourselves, but we don’t want to limit ourselves.

Introverted Mom, Jamie C. Martin

I will give the same content warning for literature. If you just really don’t care for reading (but let’s be honest, if you don’t love books you definitely wouldn’t be here) there are sections of this book that will not translate well for you. The audience for this book is very niche, but I fit nicely into the small crowd of people who would just love and devour it. It’s nice to know that there is a book for all of us!

Reading Introverted Mom while holding my sweet little babe.


I loved, loved, loved this book. It’s just incredibly vulnerable AND applicable; that’s so rare! Clearly, I’m an introvert– I probably wouldn’t be reading a book based on introversion and motherhood if I weren’t, da da da da, an introverted mom.* Because of that, though, I appreciate how difficult it is for us to open up about the tough things, the things we struggle with, the situations that break us. It’s HARD, y’all, so I have the utmost respect for Martin. She laid her story out there and let us learn from it. What a gem. Motherhood can be challenging for people who desperately need a little quiet in order to function correctly; it was such a game changer to know that other moms struggle in this way. We have to be able to recharge, and that doesn’t happen in the noise and chaos.

Also, I hate self-help books. I do. SO… I really loved when Martin also admitted to disliking many of the elements of self-help literature at one point. This book didn’t read like self-help at all! It was like an advisory memoir, with a little reflection on some of Martin’s heroes.

More than anything, I just walked away from this reading experience feeling refreshed. I felt that I had allies, that there were others like me; isn’t that what we all want from a good book, a sense of silent (but available) community?

As moms, the stories we share most often tend to be those we tell our children, a powerful opportunity to invest into their hearts and minds before they leave our homes. Stories change lives, and we all have them.

Introverted Mom, Jamie C. Martin

My one, very brief critique would be that the enthusiasm I had for the book did wane a little as it progressed. Mind, I didn’t like it less, it just slowed down. So if you need a book with momentum, I wouldn’t say this is ideal for you. This is a cozy, advisory, companionable book.

Star Review

And for the stars…



All right, so I mentioned at other sections of this review that this book is for a very specific audience. I do NOT think it is a book that is for everyone, but that’s okay! You might desperately need/want to read this book if you are…

  • an introvert
  • a mama
  • a homeschooling parent
  • considering adoption
  • a lover of classic literature
  • a Christian mama trying to figure out your place
  • a personality aficionado
  • married to an introverted mom
  • providing support to an introverted mom in any way

Until next time, happy reading!

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