2019– Halfway Top Ten

The year of 2019 is more than halfway completed! It’s been a whirlwind of a year for me– the birth of my first child, concluding my time at my first job, settling into my new position as a stay-at-home mom. It’s been both challenging and rewarding.

As I reflect on the past 7-ish months, I think it’s time to record the books I have loved the most so far this year. On my instagram account this last week I described what I like to refer to as the Bookish Phoebe Buffay Effect. What I mean by this is that I feel supremely guilty when I recognize some books and don’t give fair recognition to others. That makes lists like this difficult, because, to be honest, EVERY book I read gives me something, even if it isn’t going to make a Top Ten list. Alas, I also love to make lists. So here we are.

I like to think that books are my most constant companions, and when the years are great, it’s almost as though they experience that season with you!

And now, for the halfway top ten (ish because I can’t limit myself whatsoever)…

  1. Daisy Jones and the Six (✪✪✪✪✪)
  2. My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She’s Sorry (✪✪✪✪✪)
  3. Where the Crawdads Sing (✪✪✪✪✪)
  4. Summer of ’69 (✪✪✪✪✪)
  5. Britt-Marie Was Here (✪✪✪✪✪)
  6. Ginny Moon (✪✪✪✪✪)
  7. The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry (✪✪✪✪✪)
  8. The Bookshop on the Corner
  9. The Golem and the Jinni
  10. Inspired

Honorable Mentions: Kitchens of the Great Midwest, We Were the Lucky Ones, Circe

Seeing them all listed, I feel as though I haven’t given that many 5-star ratings. It’s July, and I only have seven of them! I do think that giving out 5 stars all of them truly takes away from the value of that rating, but only seven?! I need to kick it up a notch.

I will also say that this is, as far as I can tell, a definitive ranking.

I LOVED DAISY JONES AND THE SIX BEYOND COMPARE. I read Daisy Jones before my blog began, so you didn’t get to hear me rant about it, but it was so fantastic. I held out as long as I could, because sometimes overhyped books both annoy and stress me out before I read them (which I nearly always inevitably do–there are only so many times you can see a cover on your instagram feed and not feel compelled to get it over with already), and this is likely the book I have heard the most about in terms of its exposure this year. But it deserved it. It was everything I love, and I wanted to restart it as soon as I turned the last page.

Another favorite that I read before the blog was My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She’s Sorry. I know, I know, I KNOW, I need to stop talking about Backman. But I can’t. It’s a compulsion. This might be my favorite of his? Probably not, Beartown was impeccable, but I loved/adored/delighted in this tale. I loved the narrative, the fairy tale feel, the supporting cast of characters, the sad and sweet plot. Ugh, so much goodness.

It seems like a bit of overkill to highlight each of these books in one singular post, especially as at least two of them will appear on my July Monthly Reading Wrap-Up (and two were featured in that post from June), so I’ll make myself stop at this point.

So, tell me before you go, what have you read and loved this year? Did any of the above make it onto your “Read” shelf? I’d love to hear about it!

Until next time, happy reading!

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